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Steps taken to decrease the number of Iranian Pistachio rejection in EU

شنبه 16 اسفند 1393 ساعت 15:16

During 2003 and first half of 2004 the number of rejects of Iranian pistachio into EU increased to approximately 16-21% on certified deliveries. Exports of Iranian pistachio into EU are, therefore, considered for additional restrictions. EU has advised that if the reject levels are not decreased the
Decreasing the rejection of Iranian Pistachio in EU market
coming months, with the new harvest, additional restrictions -if not total embargo- will be imposed Traditionally Europe has been the most remunerative market for Iranian pistachios and EU authorities as well as European consumers like Iranian pistachios. Any probable additional restrictions would not only have adverse effect in Europe, but shall affect negatively global markets for Iranian pistachios. In order to counter such unfavorable circumstances, the Scientific and Technical Committee of INC/FRUCOM represented by Mr. G. Calcagni and Mr. M. Jallalpour, President of Kerman Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines (KCCIM) have come to the conclusion to launch a new study plan (under the name of Green Corridor Project 2004) and to analyze, step by step, all the critical control points to find guidelines and possible solutions.

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