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Iran's ability to export fruit

یکشنبه 10 اسفند 1393 ساعت 00:04
Iran does not need to import many fruits, but we can export all kinds of fruits to global markets. Rahmatullah
 Parichehr, Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture fruit, added: in 2010, 16.5 million tons of horticultural products were produced, thus per capita production is about 210 kg.

 He pointed that support and guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture plans are to increase production and improve the quality of agricultural products: In this context, the protection of producers and agricultural products is of the activities of the department, and because Iran has a suitable climate for the production of horticultural crops, it is included in susceptible countries in the world, Since Iran could be the best place to get a good rank in terms of acreage and production business according to global statistics.

 Director General of Fruit Bureau, stating that Iran does not need to import many fruits, but has ability to export to international markets, said: According to official statistics provided by the Customs, during the first 7 months of 2011, importing horticultural products was 495 thousand and 845 tons, we can conclude comparing the production of horticultural crops in the country that the percentage of imported fruit against fruit produced in the country is 4 percent. Parichehr, stating that the import is poor in comparison with domestic production, pointed out: Fruit imports, mentally in the market and regarding the delivery time, had a significant effect on domestic products which should be noticed. (Reporters Club) Fruit Exporters Association vice president said: in this year primarily fruits export has increased between 30 and 100 percent. According to IRNA from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, 'Sadrollah Niavarani' said in a conversation on Tuesday that regarding impressive growth of fruit specially tree producing fruit exports of these products had also been increased. He emphasized that this year due to climatic conditions and lack of spring frost, good produce was resulted, continued that tree fruits cannot be stored thus, the export was taken immediately after the production that the effect of this production in six months export in the year beginning is evident. 

Niavarani said about export consignments Transportation that this year one airline airlines have been completely in the hands of exporters and some small flights of another airline is dedicated to export. He emphasized that Iran is among 10 countries of producing fruit and vegetable that in some fields ranked second and third in the world rankings and is known as an assigned country. Vice President Union exporters and importers of fruit added, at present, Iran is top in many cases including production of apples in the world.
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