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Future of Iranian Date Market and Ways of Expanding It

چهارشنبه 23 اردیبهشت 1394 ساعت 16:17

The following table shows the production and export of main dried fruits including raisins, pistachios and dates in the last farming year:
As the figures above show there is no sound proportion between production and exports. For instance, if we put date consumption in Iran at 100-200 thousand tons, a large portion of exportable date is used unnecessarily in this country. The very wide gap between the volume of production and export calls for further attention from the responsible authorities. Also it is necessary to initiate new consumer markets, introduce Iranian products in foreign markets on one hand, and on the other hand, improve the agricultural, sanitary, processing and packaging state in the groves and consumer markets equally. Preventing unnecessary domestic date consumption and export promotion will reserve a deserving share of world date market for our nation.

1.Industrial harvest: It is a method of harvest in which the harvested date is poured into wooden boxes, and processing and final packaging.
2.Traditional harvest: It is a method of harvest in which the harvested date is poured into sacks or consumer cartons to be transported to consumer markets.
3.Bulk packaging: The date cartons, measuring 10 kilograms or more, are carried to foodstuffs manufacturing factories or shipped to foreign customers to be packaged and re-exported.Consumer package is, however, smaller and measures lees than three kilograms. It is used by the marginal consumer.

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